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We have joined the BloomNation of premiere florists.  Out of town and in town Friends & Family can now order flowers on line and receive the freshness, quality, uniqueness and love that is standard at Elizabeth's Garden.  Go to our home page on the website, clip SHOP NOW, and follow the easy to navigate directions.

We make your dreams come to life.

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Arranging with Blooming Branches

Cutting blooming cherry tree branches to force indoors

Arranging with Blooming Branches

Repotting and dividing exotic orchid

Orchid Room

Repotting Orchid at Elizabeth's Garden

Easy Orchid Repotting!

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We want to share with you our enjoyment of flowers.  Let us guide you through some flower arranging, gardening and design that you can use everyday. Everyone needs to be surrounded by the fresh touch of nature. Here is the How To- Elizabeth's Garden style!

Want to learn something new?  Orchid love and care, floral arranging, holiday decorating?  Let us know what it is!

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