Do you deliver?2019-05-08T06:18:18+00:00

Yes – we deliver throughout Mobile!

These are our primary delivery areas:

36608, 36607, 36606, 36605, 36604, 36695, 36693

How do I set up a wedding consultation?2019-05-08T06:18:13+00:00

Elizabeth’s Garden is The Wedding Authority in Mobile and Baldwin. Feel free to call Carol or Melissa or email to set up an appointment, and we will find a time that can fit your schedule.

Do you handle funeral flowers?2019-05-08T06:18:07+00:00

Yes, we help with all occasions. We will create beautiful pieces that suit your needs.

Do you deliver to hospitals?2019-05-08T06:18:02+00:00

Yes! We deliver to Providence, Mobile Infirmary, Spring Hill Medical Center, USA Women’s and Childrens, as well as doctor’s offices in the area.

Do you handle out of town deliveries?2019-05-08T06:17:53+00:00

Sorry, we take care of deliveries in our area to guarantee freshness and design quality. See our website for our SHOP NOW feature as we have joined BloomNation of premiere florists.

Do you do flowers for first communion?2019-05-08T06:17:47+00:00

Yes, baby’s breath halo’s or small hairflowers are a great choice for the age and occasion.

Do you have cash and carry flowers?2019-05-08T06:17:05+00:00

Yes, we offer an array of flowers easy to grab and go!

Do you have gift items?2019-06-15T15:43:40+00:00

Yes, we have a variety of vases, silk and artificial flowers and greenery, home fragrances, body lotions, indoor home decor accessories, candles, hand towels, books and many other unique gifts.

How should I take care of my orchid?2019-05-08T06:18:47+00:00

There are a variety of orchids that require different things. As a general rule,they enjoy medium to low light, and not much water. For more questions about your specific kind- call Melissa!

Do you have indoor plants?2019-05-25T18:42:50+00:00

Yes – we have a variety of indoor plants, from hydrangeas, orchids, kalanchoes, begonias, and more! We purchase seasonal plants from local vendors as well as far away pladces such as Hawaii for our exotic orchids. We can plant your containers for parties or special events.

Do you have outdoor plants?2019-05-08T06:19:02+00:00

Our Garden Center, Zimlich’s Patio and Garden, specializes in outdoor plants, feel free to call them at (251) 478-1484

Do you re-pot orchids?2019-05-08T06:19:13+00:00

Yes, we offer reppoting services, and can give you helpful tips on getting them to bloom again. Call (251) 344-2654 and ask for Melissa!

My orchid has lost all it’s blooms, is it dead?2019-05-08T06:19:17+00:00

No. if the leaves are still plump and green then your orchid has simply gone out of bloom. Cut the stem back to either the first node, or all the way back to the bottom of the stem. just make sure to use sterile sheers!