Permanent Botanicals – Faux Real!

Selecting the perfect gift for someone is a very important process and at times requires time, thought and consultation.  Yes, we do offer beautiful Gift Certificates on 100% cotton paper with a matching envelope in stead of gift cards.  Our main focus are Orchids and Fresh Cut Flowers and when giving  the Gift of Flowers, it is very important to select the correct flower, color and vase to let the recipient know your true feelings.  Our Dream Team will help you do just that.

Carol shops the market twice a year to select unique and different gifts for all the different seasons.  Selections come from all over the world.  Our current Halloween collection is our best ever.  Thanksgiving, Camellia Ball and Christmas merchandise will be arriving shortly.

For the past two years, Carol has been expanding her selection of Faux Real  orchids, flowers, succulents and greenery.  This year’s selection is fabulous.  Carol wants you to accent, decorate your home with the best available product she can find.

Make Elizabeth’s Garden your  Gift Headquarters.