Meet Our Team


My brothers and I represent three generations of gardeners and designers who started this floral journey in 1927. Between us we operate two shops-one a specialty flower shop and one a specialty garden center. I am proud to be heading the group of creative individuals at the flower shop, Elizabeth's Garden. Simply put, I love flowers and gardening. I cannot imagine a world without the joy they bring me, and I want to share that with as many people as possible. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, there is room in your life for flowers.

My passion is creating. I enjoy working with customers to determine the perfect combination of flowers or plants for their gift arrangements. I love creating arrangements of garden flowers in all color palettes. I am naturally gifted in creative ways to combine plants in baskets or other unique containers.
Flowers and plants are all fabulous in my opinion! What I truly love is creating new displays with our gifts and accessories. I’m especially gifted at selecting and suggesting the perfect gift or accessory for any occasion. Bring me a photo of a problem area in your home and I would love to work with you on improving it. Classic to contemporary, we can pull together flowers, plants and accessories that create your personal look.
Hello, my name is Elie. I do many important things to keep Elizabeth's Garden running. I am responsible for the care of all of our fresh flowers and plants. I take care of our outside areas to keep them clean and attractive. I also help with wedding set up and create beautiful fresh greenery garlands.