We are featuring a special edition of our Summer Collection of Arrangements as Carol received a magnificent shipment of Hydrangeas.  Not only do we have beautiful blooms of Pink, Blue and White, we also have  blooms in regal colors.  As you can see the colors of the first 4 blooms are very different and will make wonderful arrangements.  These arrangements can be special ordered.  The arrangements featured are the Hydrangea arrangements from our Summer Collection and can be ordered online.  Just go to our website, click SHOP NOW, follow the easy to navigate directions and we will do the rest.  Arrangements featured:  Hydrangea Lovers, Peace, Love and Hydrangeas, Woodland Wonder, Country Roads, Wonderful & White, Symphony in Pink, White Tropics and Peaches & Cream.  Our new colors will sell quickly so order yours in the morning.

Always Fresh, Always Original, Always Created With Love.