Last Saturday, Emily Morrow and Christopher Mullican became man and wife.  Carol and her Dream Team had the honor of decorating for this very special event.  The wedding was held at the Steelwood Chapel and the Reception followed at the Steelwood Lodge.  Flowers and arrangements were nothing short of incredible.  At a preview, Emily stated, “this is perfect, it’s exactly what I’ve dreamed of.”  Our pictures are laid out with arrangements around the venue: from the chapel to the outdoor seating. and ending in the Lodge.  A magnificent wedding cake is featured and is the apex of the reception.  The colors of all the flowers were breathtaking.  We loved the extra touch of the trellis and the seating arrangement.  We hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as Carol and her Dream Team enjoyed coordinating the flowers and arrangements.  Wedding plans in your future?  Call Carol first at 251.344.264 for a free consultation.

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