Exotic plants make wonderful gifts for someone special.  Carol has Orchids, Bromeliads and Lilies all available to give to someone special.  Available are standard size and mini Orchids in white, purple and purple fancies.  Some suggested arrangements include:  Orchid Pleasures, Blooming Orchid Plant and Orchid Elegance.  Bromeliads are known as “Gifts from the Gods” and are available in yellow, pink and red.  Their arrangements are:  Sense of Comfort, Exotic Garden and Tropical Paradise (this has Orchids and a Bromeliad).  Our third exotic plant is the Lily.  The Greeks and Romans have meanings “even sacred”  for Lilies due to its beauty.  Especially the white Lily.  Arrangements like Serene Fondness.  Happy Time has a beautiful orange Lily.  These and all our suggested arrangements are available on our website.  We think you are that someone special to receive an Exotic plant today.

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