Today we are featuring Fall floral arrangements along with our most popular Jack O’ Lanterns and Ghost Pumpkins.  And all of this merchandise is on our website for easy ordering.  Our floral arrangements include:  Natural Gathering, Lemon Lime Splash, Simply Sweet, Tangerine Delight, Garden Basket, Vine and Daisy Cross and Sunset Glow.  For Jack O’ Lanterns and Ghost Pumpkins we have:  Jack Pumpkin, Jolly Jack, Peanut Jack, Classic Jack and Jack Squash.  Just go to our website, click SHOP NOW,  follow our easy to navigate directions and we will do the rest. For the best looking Halloween display in your neighborhood, come to Elizabeth’s Garden today and do your shopping.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook every day for more Halloween decorations, arrangements and great gifts.

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