Fresh Cut Hydrangeas do make a wonderful gift for Mother.  And if you are, please follow these these tips:  Stems are to be cut at an angle; Stems are to be placed in water as soon as you get home; Mist the petals once a day and if necessary, dunk the whole bloom in warm water for a few minutes.  Most importantly, purchase your fresh Hydrangeas from Elizabeth’s Garden.  

If Mother prefers an arrangement, we suggest these arrangements that you can order from our website:  Hydrangea Plant Gift Wrapped, Zen Garden Assortment, Pop Wow!, Stone Bowl Bloomers, Garden Bliss, Blooms of Beauty, Bubble Gum, Peaches & Cream, Bloom of Fragrance, New Happy Cube, Julep Cup Posey and Vintage Faire.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more Mother’s Day arrangements, plants and gifts.

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