Is there someone you know that could use a Special Gift?  Or a Cheering Up?  Or a Thank You?  The gift of an exotic plant from Elizabeth’s Garden is the solution.  Carol has Orchids, Bromeliads and Lilies all available.  Adding a unique vase and container will make the gift even more special.  Carol has individual plants as well as arrangements that can be ordered.  The arrangements featured today are:  Orchids: Orchid Pleasures, Blooming Orchid Plant and Orchid Elegance;  Bromeliads (or “Gifts from the Gods):  Sense of Comfort, Exotic Garden and Tropical Paradise;  Beautiful Lilies:  Serene Fondness and Happy Time.  These and 100 other arrangements are all available on line.  Let us help you touch someone in a special way this week.

Always Fresh, Always Original, Always Created With Love.