We believe Lilies make exceptional arrangements with their large soft, ornamental blooms.  Each color of the Lily’s bloom can have a different meaning depending who you speak to.  Our colors of Lilies mean the following:  White:  Virtue; Pink:  Prosperity; Red:  Passion; Orange:  Confidence and Wealth and Yellow:  Thankfulness.  For your Debutante, let our Dream Team create an exceptional arrangement for her special night.  Today’s arrangements can all be ordered on line:  LET’S DANCE; SOUTHERN GARDEN; FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT; SERENE FONDNESS; THINK PINK; HAPPY TIME and SUNSET GLOW.   A memory she will always treasure.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook everyday for more great arrangements, fresh flowers and great gifts.

We are Your Camellia Ball Headquarters.