Yesterday we had 3 new Orchid arrangements as a part of our Fall collection.  Continuing on exotic plant arrangements, today we are featuring 10 arrangements whose feature plant is either an Orchid or a Bromeliad.  These arrangements are perfect for your family and make great gifts.  You can order these arrangements by visiting our website, clicking SHOP NOW, follow the easy to navigate directions and we will do the rest.  Selections include ORCHID PLEASURES, ORCHID ELEGANCE, ORCHIDS AND STONE, EXOTIC ORCHIDS IN GOLD, BLOOMING ORCHID PLANT, TROPICAL SPLASH, SENSE OF COMFORT, EXOTIC GARDEN, TROPICAL PARADISE and PLANTASTIC.  Our Dream Team will be happy to teach you the proper care and love for these special plants.  Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook every day for more great plants, arrangements and great gifts.

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