Roses are a perfect flower for your Debutante.  These are exquisite flowers, and  each color has a special meaning.  Our Dream Team  will help you choose the perfect bouquet or arrangement for your Debutante.  Pink Roses symbolize beauty, admiration, tenderness and care.  Light Pink make a perfect choice if you are celebrating with a Debutante and are a family friend.  White Roses meaning is pure beauty, elegance, faith and love.  Red Roses stand for romantic love and should be used by close relative or friend.  Yellow Roses symbolize friendship, generosity, gratitude and optimism.  The Camellia Ball is less than 4 weeks away so do not wait until the last minute.  Stop by Elizabeth’s Garden this week and see what we have in arrangements, vases and containers and unique gifts.

We are Your Camellia Ball Headquarters