Carol uses Ranunculus flowers in many arrangements and they may not get the credit they deserve.  They are very beautiful flowers that come in a variety of colors: like Roses. Each color has a different meaning.  Ranunculus  conveys the message of charm:  “you are very charming and I am attracted to you”.   If you receive an arrangement or bouquet of Ranunculus, the giver is attracted to you and wants to learn more about you.   Because of their beauty, Ranunculus is a favorite wedding flower.  We are featuring 6 arrangements today that contain our feature flower of today.  They are:  Pinkie, Bright Blossoms, Garden Bliss, Peaches & Cream, Modern Fiesta and Pink Elegance.  To order an arrangement, go to our website, click SHOP NOW, follow our easy navigate directions and we will do the rest.  

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