Carol has recently received some of the most beautiful Roses ever and we want to keep featuring them.  The Rose is considered the Most Beautiful Flower by most of the world.  It is the most popular since it is available in different colors, different sizes and is available all year long.  Our Dream Team can help pick out an ideal gift of Roses for someone special.  Rose color meanings:  White:  Respect, New Beginnings, Reverence; Ivory:  Charm, Luxury, Elegance; Yellow:  Care Friendship; Peach:  Thanks, Gratitude; Orange:  Passion, Enthusiasm; Pink: Admiration, Joy; Red:  “I Love You”, Ultimate Love; Lavender:  Fascination, Majestic and Multicolored:  Happiness, Joy and Multiple Emotions.  Our feature arrangement that are available of line:  Luscious Roses, Deb’s Julep Cup, A Dozen Traditional Roses and Tangerine Delight. Let’s help you make your next special occasion that much more special.

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