Choosing the correct Rose for your Debutante’s floral gift is a very critical decision.  The color is everything.  Here are colors of Roses that are available and what they represent:  WHITE:  Represents Purity, Innocence as well as New Beginning;  YELLOW:  Represents Joy, Caring, Affection and Warmth; PINK:  Represents Femininity, Elegance and Refinement and  RED: Of Course, “I Love You.”  Today’s feature arrangements:  DEB’S JULEP CUP, ADORNED ROSES, CREAM JULEP, LUSCIOUS ROSES, CLASSIC WHITE and A DOZEN ROSES-TRADITIONAL. Do shop early today. Remember, we will deliver to the ball or to the Debutante’s home. Like what you see?  Please join us on Facebook for more great gifts and arrangements.

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