The Camellia Ball is a part of our history and heritage and the beginning of carnival season.  We congratulate the following young ladies along with their families and wish them all the best during the upcoming carnival season, the 67th Camellia Ball and all future fun festivities.

Briana Ashley Admire; Mary Bryan Baggett; Muriel Cameron Beall; Frances Elaine Brock; Anna-Bradley Cleveland; Helen Ann Cornell; Linda Lee James Counts; Alexandra Sargent Cushing; Sarah Frances Gaillard; Carolina Montgomery Groom; Ann Mason Hunter; Brenna Renee Johnson; Claire-Burton Laird; Caroline Key Lamberth; Margaret Camille Lester; Cara Louise Luther; Julia Elizabeth Martin; Elizabeth Suzanne McLeod. Molly Sokol Middleton; Grace Alsup Miller; Elizabeth Barnewell Morrissette; Seline Vaughan Morrissette; Callie Elaine Moss; Mary Potts Muscat; Perry O’Connell Myers; Katherine Hillman Nicholas; Michelle McCoy Patrick; Kathleen Grace Reynolds; Kathryn Dorthy Riis; Phoebe Claire Keyes Ronderos; Claire Elizabeth Sanderson; Anna Claire Schock; Marion McAllister Slaton; Susan Elizabeth Slaton; Francis Turner Mary Spottswood; Virginia Mrion McDuffie Strauss; Emma Lynne Thomasson; Mattie Allen Turner; Teresa Michaels Vallee; Melissa MacKenzie Wallace.

As always we have the favorites-Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas, Lilies & Orchids in all shades of PINK.  Delivery is available to the Debutante’s home or to the ball.  Let Carol and The Dream Team kick off this very special season with the perfect gifts for this special evening.

Always Fresh, Always Original, Always Created With Love.