We are ending color week with White.  White blossoms symbolize honesty, purity and perfection.  Today’s arrangements feature white flowers and are all available on line. SERENE FONDNESS/WOODLAND WONDER/COOL AS A CUCUMBER/FERNS & BLOOMS/SYMPHONY IN WHITE/CLASSIC WHITE/ORCHIDS IN STONE/CRISP & CLEAN.  Just go to our website, click SHOP NOW, follow the easy to navigate directions and we will do the rest.  Also, White is the perfect color for bridal flowers and for the next few weeks we will be featuring bridal flowers from bouquets and arrangements of the past few seasons.  If you have wedding plans in your future, you will not want to miss any of our posts on this calendar and on Facebook. Call Carol or Melissa for an appointment to plan the most important day of your life.

We make Dreams come to life.