Your Debutante deserves an arrangement of the Most Beautiful Flower:  The Rose.  Roses symbolize many different qualities; choosing the right color is critical.  Our Dream Team will be happy to help you select the right color Rose for your Debutante.  PINK:  represents femininity, elegance and refinement; YELLOW:  joy, caring, affection and warmth;  RED:  “I Love You” , strong romantic love;  and WHITE:  purity, innocence as well as New Beginning. A bouquet of mixed colors is also very appropriate.   These arrangements are on our website and can be ordered on line but today is the last day to order in order to be on time for The Camellia Ball.  Arrangements;  DEB’S JULEP CUP, ADORNED ROSES, CREAM JULEP, LUSCIOUS ROSES, CLASSIC WHITE AND A DOZEN ROSES – TRADITIONAL. We do original custom work.

We are Your Camellia Ball Headquarters.